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What can I expect from 1-2-1 training at Adappt?

Personal training at Adappt is about your trainer working with you to form an understanding of your physiological and psychological needs.  Before you even start, we will work 1-2-1 with you on a completely free, no obligation lifestyle consultation where we take into account your medical history, any injuries or niggles you may have, your diet, your current exercise history and most importantly, we help you structure realistic, achievable goals.  Our aim  is to ensure that before you even start you feel happy, motivated and ready to go.  

Using that information, your trainer will design a programme of exercises to help you achieve your goals.  In addition, the Adappt team are collectively qualified and experienced in areas such as NLP, nutrition, sports therapy, massage therapy, and life coaching which are all resources that can help you achieve your goals as part on your sessions.  

The team at Adappt have over 50 years experience collectively within personal training and the health and well being industry. They have a wealth of experience which offer new and existing clients an unrivalled level of customer service.  At Adappt our goal is to meet your expectations, our business is to exceed them.  

How long before I see results?

This depends on what your goal is, how often you exercise and how healthy you eat.

For weight loss, the average person exercising three times a week will lose between one and two pounds of fat a week.

If you eat healthily, your results will be quicker than if you exercise on a poor diet. However, we are confident you will feel more energised and refreshed after your first session and will want to make the necessary changes to achieve your goals.

The Adappt trainers can all support you with your diet if you need extra help.  We all have qualifications in nutrition and can help get you on the right path with food to help you start eating healthily for great results that last.  

How will my trainer help me achieve my fitness goals?

The first thing your trainer will do is establish specifically what your fitness goals are!

We offer a free consultation to help you get familiar with the studio and with your trainer and for you to ask us any questions that you wish in order to make sure you are completely comfortable training with us. From our point of view, the consultation allows us to find out what our potential client’s expectations are and what they would like to achieve.  

The consultation also gives your trainer an opportunity to:

By keeping a regular check on your specific goals, your trainer can make sure that things are moving in the right direction with your exercise sessions.

How do I know my trainer is fully qualified, experienced and insured?

We want all of our clients to be completely at ease when starting out with us for personal training.  

Before you decide to meet with us, feel free to contact your trainer of choice via email or telephone and you may ask your them directly about their specific qualifications and experience and we will be happy to put your mind at ease.  If you decide you want to meet with us for a no obligation consultation we will happily show you our qualifications and insurance documents in person and then answer any additional questions you may have.  

In addition, we are happy to provide you with written or verbal references from existing clients that are currently working with us to completely keep your mind at ease.  

I have occasional muscular/joint/back pain: Can personal training help?


The trainers at Adappt practice corrective exercise techniques which is about recognising the bio mechanical imbalances around the joints/muscles that may be causing your discomfort.

Your trainer will then start correcting those imbalances with very specific exercises, stretches and therapy techniques while working towards your goals.

This will result in improved posture, flexibility, muscular strength and a decrease in joint discomfort and pain.

Will I find 1-2-1 exercise with a trainer really difficult?

No, not difficult, although depending on your goals, you will be challenged.  This is essential to help your body evolve and change shape. Your trainer will only prescribe exercises that are suitable to achieve your goals; they will ensure that you have the ability to perform the exercises safely and effectively.  

In order to initiate change in the body, the body needs to be challenged.  Too much of a challenge can result in injury and too little means nothing new happens and your body essentially stays the same.  

Every body responds to exercise differently and the Adappt team are experts at pitching their clients session at the right intensity: enough for you to start looking and feeling better but not too much to the point of constant soreness or feeling unnecessarily uncomfortable.  

How will I cope with exercise when I feel stressed and tired with my busy lifestyle?

At Adappt, each session with your trainer is tailored to your needs.  We always stay focused on your long term goals, but constantly take into account how you feel and what you need on a session to session basis and and tweak the workout accordingly based on your energy, injuries, mood and motivation.  

We work 1-2-1 with a wide range of people.  Busy mums, teachers, lawyers, bankers, businessmen, self employed professionals and retirees all fit the profile of the clients that visit Adappt regularly.  We take into account the stresses that life throws at you and how those challenges affect both your motivation and your energy.  

Through a bespoke coaching method we can adapt your sessions on the fly while offering you the routine that you need to move forward toward your goals.

In addition, we can offer you life coaching and nutritional advice to make sure that you are constantly feeling energised and ready for both the day ahead and your exercise plan, to ensure your motivation lasts.  

How much does it cost to exercise at Adappt?

Adappt does not operate like a conventional gym.  We have no joining fee, no monthly subscriptions and no contracts.  

The studio is available for 1-2-1 sessions only, which you can book with your trainer.  Most sessions last one hour – but this is up to you and your trainer to decide.  If you want shorter – or longer – then let them know.

Each trainer at Adappt has their own pricing structure.  Please visit our Team Page for more detailed pricing information about the trainer that you wish to train with.

You can pay by the hour and see us on an ad hoc basis if you wish, although most people prefer to see us regularly for the best results.

We would recommend starting with one or two sessions a week, which is then cheaper to buy a block of sessions which will offer you a discount.  Most of our clients do this and you can pay by cheque, cash or balance transfer.

If you are ill, or on holiday and cancel your regular session within 24 hours, there is no charge for the session.  At Adappt you simply pay for what you use.  

Do you have shower/changing facilities and do you supply towels?

Our studio has an exclusive shower and changing room for you to feel completely comfortable and refreshed both before and after your workout.  We have constant supply of fresh towels, shower gels and sanitary products for ladies should you need them, all of which is completely complimentary for our clients.  

Do you have parking available?

There are lots of free parking opportunities around and near the Adappt studio, including free two hour parking bays in the Lee Sainsburys (which is almost opposite us) plus we have a free multi storey car park adjacent to us as part of the Leegate Centre.

For your information and convenience we have all our directions, Sat Nav details and specific information on exactly where you can park on our Contact Us page.   

If you have a question or enquiry that we havent covered here, please fill in our enquiry form on our Contact Us page and we will respond to you within 24 hours.     

Have we missed something?  

What can I expect from 1-2-1 training at Adappt?

How long before I see results?

How will my trainer help me achieve my fitness goals?

How do I know my trainer is fully qualified, experienced and insured?

I have occasional muscular/joint/back pain: Can personal training help?

Will I find 1-2-1 exercise with a trainer really difficult?

How will I cope with exercise when I feel stressed and tired with my busy lifestyle?

How much does it cost to exercise at Adappt?

Do you have shower/changing facilities and do you supply towels?

Do you have parking available?

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that before you contact us, you may have a couple of questions.  This page is here to help put your mind at ease and answer the questions we get asked most often.

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